Who we are

2Raw.Store is owned and run by two best friends. We wanted to put all of our years of combined experience within the creative industry together to create a brand that speaks volumes of our personalities. We blend photography and graphic design with the latest urban fashion trends. 

We love what we do and we hope enjoy it too.

St Albans College in 1995

St Albans College in 1995


Humble Beginnings

Joby and Metin have been friends since their childhood and actually went to the same primary schools. The year difference in their ages meant that they moved in different circles until the later part of secondary school. In 1995 Joby and Metin embarked on an Art & Design GNVQ which encompassed photography, graphic design, textiles and pottery. This was to be just the start of their working relationship. A shared interest in music, photography and art has helped them to form a great friendship that has continued to this day.


Joby Rawlins

In the late 90's Joby studied photography at Southampton University before returning to London to begin his career in professional photography. Joby spent many years working as a freelance photographer, whilst helping to establish a couple of successful photography studios along the way. Joby is now an international fashion and glamour photographer with more than 20 years in the industry.


Metin Osman

Having studied Art & Design at St Albans college, Metin was fortunate enough to find a role as a desktop publisher for a busy print shop where he honed his knowledge of the post production processes within the print industry. In 2005 Metin started working as a retoucher for a busy photographic studio and within a year was working as the head retoucher. Metin has specialised in all things photoshop ever since.

Our commitment to you

Photography by Joby Rawlins

Finest Quality Printing

2Raw.Store use only the finest quality materials and equipment to produce our garments. We appreciate high standards, therefore we source our products from manufacturers with the very latest machinery and techniques. This ensures we can offer a quality product at very reasonable prices.

State-of-the-art Embroidery

Embroidery is the application of a logo or design on to clothing using computerised embroidery machines.

The logo is embroidered on to the fabric of the garment, ensuring it will not wash or fade.


Worldwide Shipping

Although we are based in the United Kingdom, we believe everyone should be able to look good.

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